Operations Manager

Jalannera Coffee Export and Coffee Farm PLC

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Employment type: Full time

Required No: -

Experience: minimum 5 years

Career level: Senior level

Location: Addis Ababa

Salary: -

Posted date: 1 month ago

Deadline: 2019-12-16


Jalannera Coffee Export and Coffee Farm PLC (Tarara Coffee) is an Ethiopian company in the coffee roasting sector. Our company supplies roasted coffee to the local and export market. We have a wide range of clients in the hospitality industry as well as retail business. Our vision is to have a long-lasting impact on the value addition of coffee. We are striving to put Ethiopia on the map of coffee, not only in raw coffee sector, but also processed coffee.

Its current goal is to expand its market reach within Ethiopia by supplying high quality roasted coffee at affordable prices and increase its supply of roasted coffee to foreign markets. Therefore, we are looking for a competent individual possibly with passion for coffee to join our company and help realize our goals.

  Key Duties and Responsibilities

Operational duties

  • Approve payment and purchase requests
  • monitor performance and set sales targets
  • achieve sales growth targets for market reach and volume
  • Handle negotiations and finalize contracts with new and existing clients
  • Implement marketing strategies and capitalize on newly created segments
  • Supervise the daily activity of sales team and account receivables
  • Approach new clients and cultivate business relationships

Sourcing and logistics duties

  • Handle procurement of production inputs from foreign suppliers and follow up the supply chain process
  • Supervise logistics processes for the export of roasted coffee
  • Evaluate production and transport timeline and improve service delivery
  • Ensure all company procedures are followed in all sourcing and logistics processes

Other Duties

  • Oversee the inventory process of coffee cleaning, storing, roasting and packaging
  • Direct and control the production process of roasting and packaging of coffee mainly for efficiency of production
  • Oversee the activities of the quality compliance officer to ensure the quality of product
  • Follow-up the purchase of green coffee and estimate the stock requirements for upcoming orders
  • Ensure production inputs are available and manage replenishment of inputs



  • BA/MA degree in Economics, Management, Business administration and/or related fields. 


  • 5-10 years of relevant work experience in industries is preferable. 

Essential skills

  • Trustworthy, vision driven, strategic planning and management skill.
  • High degree of leadership skill, eager to work under pressure
  • Customer management quality, handling multiple task, self-motivation, creativity and flexibility.
  • Coordinating skill of the different departments towards a common goal.
  • Excellent computer and software skill as well as communication and strong interpersonal skill
  • Cost consciousness and marketing skill
  • Analytical abilities and problem solving skills.
  • Excellent English communication and writing skill.

How To Apply

Interested applicants can submit the non- returnable copy of their education & work experience testimonials.

Jacros - Salitemihret Road, Bole Sub City

Tel – 0118-693433/34 

Website – www.tararacoffee.com

E-mail – info@tararacoffee.comamsalbekele@yahoo.com